Why We Love Themes

Why We Love Themes

You probably don’t know this but building a website from scratch is hard work!! Getting the idea out of your head is the hard part! but then you need to design it, build it, program it and then test every single part of extensively to make sure it all works. The whole process can take years depending on the project! That’s why we here at Thundersnow believe premade themes are the way to go an heres why.

  • You get a clear idea of who the site will look before you proceed
  • The site is fully developed which means the likelihood of it breaking or having nasty bugs is very small
  • The cost is minimal with most themes around the $80 AUD mark
  • Most themes are maintained and updated meaning your site won’t become obsolete
  • Once customised with your content, the website takes on a new life as your own.

At Thundersnow we know what to look for in a great theme, and always choose one that will suit your needs. Contact us today for a consultation.





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